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Wellness On Demand

HealthSpan Physical Therapy and Wellness is proud to offer our “Wellness On Demand” program to our community!  We feel this is a great way to bridge the gap between needing just a “quick fix”/“tune-up” and need formal physical therapy for a medical condition. 

We have always wondered how we can serve those people who don't need formal physical therapy, but could still benefit from the knowledge and skills we can provide.  Wellness On Demand is the perfect fit!

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What is Wellness On Demand?

Wellness On Demand is a monthly subscription which provides you prepaid wellness appointments with our Physical Therapist.  These appointments are tailored to meet the needs of those who may be in pain, but do not have the need or time for physical therapy.

Child Physiotherapy

What happens during a wellness visit?


Instruction in specific exercises and stretches to improve your health

(instructional handouts will be provided)

Dry Needling

Dry needling may be used if indicated.

Hands On

Hands on treatment may be used by our therapist if indicated.


Education on ways to maximize your health and healing potential.

Physical Therapist

Who is W.O.D for?

Weekend Warriors

W.O.D. is perfect for those of us who work a little too hard in the yard over the weekend and need some help with the extra soreness that comes along with it.


Work out a little too hard? Not sure if you should continue to train and push through the pain? W.O.D. is the perfect adjunct to keep you at peak performance.


Between kids in sports and parents trying to keep up with them, it seems like someone in the family is always trying to get better.  W.O.D is a perfect way to keep your busy family healthy!


Perfect for those who would like to continue to maintain their progress following physical therapy but need some extra accountability and direction.


Fitness Equipments

Wellness On Demand

Monthly subscription

Perfect for the individual or couple dedicated to their health!

  • Up to 2 appointments a month

  • 30 minute appointments

  • Available to anyone in your household

  • $75 for the first month


Family Jog

W.O.D. -Family

Monthly Subscription

Have a bigger family? Need more appointments?  We have you covered.

  • Up to 4 appointments a month

  • 30 minute appointments

  • Available to anyone in your household

  • $125 for the first month


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