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Physical Therapy for
Low Back Pain

Can Physical Therapy Help Low Back Pain?

Low Back Pain is by far the most common ailment treated by Physical Therapy.  Our Therapists have extensive experience with treating many different types and causes of low back pain.

What causes Low Back Pain?

There are many different reasons that someone can develop low back pain.  Common causes can include acute injuries, muscle strains, pain due to degenerative changes, muscle weaknesses, and much more.  Your therapist will perform a thorough examination to determine the most likely cause of your low back pain.

What can I expect at my Physical Therapy appointments for Low Back Pain?

While each and every patient has a unique plan of care, there are a few things that are common for proper Physical Therapy for Low Back Pain.  Some common things you can expect during your appointments include:

- Manual therapy techniques

- Targeted exercises

- Training and education on proper movement patterns

- Modalities as needed for pain control

- Home exercise program training

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