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We LOVE getting feedback from our clients and testimonials are the driving force behind our growth as a business!

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Mike - Midland, MI

I had an excellent experience at Healthspan with both Jordan and Brittany. Ive been dealing with various types of back pain for over a decade and they gave me all the tools to manage my issues long-term. My back has never been better and I’m now much more educated on the causes of my pain and exercises to treat it. Every appointment is highly personalized and there is constant dialogue and collaboration throughout the process. You’re not just there to complete a few exercises and go home. They are intent on explaining in detail the root of your issues and what to be cognizant of in daily life to address certain aches and pains. Their attention to detail and note taking is also great. They really drill down to what works and doesn’t work for your particular issues and your feedback is very important to them and their process of finding optimal treatment for you. In addition to their quality of work, they are also very friendly and enjoyable to work with. Every session was informative, hard work, but also filled with laughs along the way. This is all to say I highly recommend HealthSpan!

Malorie - Auburn, MI

I came to HealthSpan Physical Therapy for rehabilitation on both of my knees that I had surgery a month apart. The office is very welcoming and makes it easy to be there. All the staff is wonderful, but I work with Britnee for most of my visits. She is easy to talk to, listens to your concerns that you have and makes physical therapy not something you dread going to. I would recommend this place to anyone in need of physical therapy.

Tammy - Midland, MI

Jordan and his team got me up and functioning faster than I ever expected after my double knee replacement. Highly recommend them.

Teresa - Midland, MI

It would take more than 5 stars to accurately rate HealthSpan PT. As you enter it’s easy to see care is taken to create a bright, clean, and welcoming space. Jordan & Britnee are very knowledgeable and skilled and have provided me with an excellent plan & “homework” to achieve my PT goals. Their intervention and therapy plan have helped me achieve pain reduction and mobility I had not been sure was possible.

Lisa - Midland, MI

My new go-to place for PT. Jordan and the gang create a great balance between professionalism and a relaxed atmosphere. *The perfect combination for healing*. There are many PT places to choose from in the Tri-Cities area so why choose HealthSpan? Because here - you’re not just another insurance claim coming through the door - not just a body to be fixed, you are a PERSON. Each therapist treats each patient with care and respect. But not just that, it’s a fun and pleasant atmosphere, and it is obvious the therapist’s enjoy their jobs. But do they get the job done? YES! In my own experience, and as I observe others, I see progress and healing in every case. Yet, you need to continue your exercises and work when you leave, no therapist can do it all for you. But they give you the tools and resources you need to keep up the work from home. The ultimate question for any business is: “Would you go back?” And my answer is a resounding yes even though I hope I don’t have to :-)

Tammy - Midland, MI

I just want everyone to know what a top notch place this is. From the moment I stepped in the door I was made to feel like I belonged there. The skill and knowledge, kindness and compassion by Jordan and all the PTA’s is very impressive. Thanks again for straightening my neck and making me stronger. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for an outstanding physical therapist. Thanks again for all you do. I appreciate each and everyone of you.

Jillian - Midland, MI

This is less of a review and more of a public THANK YOU to Jordan and his incredible staff. The fun and upbeat environment easily inspires optimism and you can feel that the people you're working with genuinely care about your health journey. I worked primarily with Shelby who is a true professional and a joy to spend time with. The exercise plan provided to me was easily replicated at home. The pain I had been in for months began to subside after my first visit and my quality of life dramatically improved over the past 6 weeks. I would recommend this facility to anyone seeking PT services.

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