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Chase Martin, PTA

Chase joined HealthSpan Physical Therapy in 2024 and has been an incredible asset to our company.

He graduated from Delta's PTA program in 2023 and has been eager to grow and learn as a clinician ever since.  

Chase's Physical Therapy interests include working with athlete's, sports injuries, kinesiology taping, and post surgical conditions like ACL repairs and total joint replacements.

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Chase worked with me and every session was so helpful, He was focused on the proper form of exercises- gave suggestions to prevent additional injury - and challenged me in increments. He is so enjoyable to work with and most importantly, focused on my road to recovery.
I experienced significant improvement after only a few sessions and am now almost pain free after spending about 6 weeks in therapy. I wish I wouldn't have waited so long to start, as I realized I suffered needlessly, so don't wait!​


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